Thursday, January 9, 2014


(lifted from The Writers Almanac at NPR today
"It was on this day in 2001 that Apple Computer introduced iTunes. Since that day, more than 10 billion tracks have been downloaded from the iTunes store. Six years later, on this day in 2007, Apple unveiled the iPhone. Afterward, they made available a software development kit, the set of tools enabling a person to create a third-party application, or iPhone "app." There are now more than 1,000,000 iPhone apps, with 60 billion downloads — helping people do things like learn Japanese, train for marathons, monitor infant diaper activity, access news stories, find cookbook recipes, keep time with a metronome, make espresso and boost productivity."

Only for those whose equipment has kept up with improvements.  That takes money to do, and money is in short supply in the vicinity of my economy these days.

I make do and keep going, with awareness sharpened to the probable fact that slowly,  inevitably, I may be squeezed out of electronic access.

Meanwhile, my nearly obsolete cell phone has a new battery that will hold a charge, and this old Apple Macintosh rig is still chugging away in my behalf.  The land line equipment is also showing signs of traveling down the extinction highway, but/and tomorrow is another day, usually.
Unless it's become obsolete


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

there MUST be a solution...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

take NEW pics and put them on

Kim Andersen said...

My iPhone was a dollar with a renewed two year contract. I got it when my old phone was stolen.