Tuesday, January 7, 2014


On Monday, when I discovered the block, I was going to post the text below, and each X represents the photograph I took, but am blocked from posting.  I may not be blogging much.  Photographs were so much a part of the art fun of assemblage for me,  I'm an image loving person.  Well, I could stumble on the answer to this conundrum, or maybe re-emerge as a whole new entity on a new platform.  Meanwhile, I'll keep reading the blogs I follow, and write when I have something else to share:

January 6th 2014

This was the day of removal of boughs and lights, but I found myself reluctant, so moved them together for one last portrait before departure.
Epiphany is a traditional day, and the word means 'Sudden insight', so I reviewed my recent notebook doodles from my 'Big Buddha' series.
At issue was friendship and how we relate to one another, what true friendship might be.
Listening, I think is the key to others, and, remembering that was a 'sudden' insight.
The next Buddha in this series will be all ears.
A warm rain is falling  I find the sound, soothing.  Another friend is dealing with the death of a mother, and everyone I know is living quite close to the edge in one way or another.  I often struggle to maintain balance on my own 'edge'.


Els said...

Please keep going my dear Michelle !

Grrrrrrrrr, remember all to well when blogger did this to me about a year ago : in the end I had to buy more space, otherwise ... only xx's
(didn't know how to down size my pics, and I love it when you can see details, so ........ )

Velma Bolyard said...

it will pass--make sure you complain to blogger.
the edge is the richest place.

Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

When this happened to me I deleted some unused photos from the photo bucket on google +, seems to be where they are stored. Even deleting some old posts which perhaps you do not feel are relevant now may help. Stay with us! x

Ms. said...

Thank you so much. I will try the downsizing photos for starters. But, it takes forever and ever and I am leaving town next week so may be too preoccupied to do this particular work before returning at the end of January.

Meanwhile I have an enormous amount of flash fiction pieces, some of which are good enough to share, and I might do a bit of that.

I'm still on the rich edge and holding :->

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

it's kind of interesting, the
text and then the

i have no good ideas....
love i do got tho