Thursday, February 6, 2014


Next door to Coral Cottage is Mary's lawn,
rife with 'weeds' some say.
I see these plants as natives,
tiny jewels every one,
miniature masterpieces of survival that thrive and bloom precisely in hard, sandy, dry soil.


Bougainvillea from the neighbor on the other side of Coral Cottage drapes itself over the fence to grace the back of the side yard,
while this palm adorns the front of the side yard,
A trip to the nursery yielded some good soil, and a variety of colorful landscape additions for the cottage: 
Bougainvillea vines will drape over, and cover a chain link fence that spans the back yard
with spreading Lantana planted in between.

Rosemary, and Lavender will be placed close to the house, just under the windowed wall of the 'Florida' room which serves as studio for "Art Camp" so that, in fair weather, their intoxicating mingled scents can drift inside.
Also, Several Oleander were purchased locally.
The whole garden readied for planting when days warm a bit.


A third trip to Merritt Island on a late Fall like day, fortified with a fine picnic my dear friend (Kind Lady of Coral Cottage) prepared for us, took us to a place Mary knew where a well placed bench served as table, and after which I followed her strong, long strides along board walked trails,
tall stands of palm draped in moss that needs only air to breath and something to cling to,
over twisted vines and roots,
to cross back over this central rail line
used for service trains,
to the exit, hop into the car, and head back
just as the sun was setting.
On arrival, we were treated to one more vision.

Stay Tuned
for one last post to come, with bits and pieces, and some thrift shop finds


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

thank you for taking me There

deanna7trees said...

used to love seeing all the beautiful bougainvillaea in Florida when i used to visit my mom. they were huge and all over the place.

Mo Crow said...

thank s for the virtual trip to Florida... loved the dripping Spanish moss, the tropicalness, haven't been there since the 60's it would have changed a lot!

Kim Andersen said...

What a lovely and colorful place!