Saturday, February 8, 2014


 Thrift Shopping
This silk shirt with embroidered animals was a $4.00 find.
I left it as a thank-you for my loving hostess,
and, this Heart full-of-Parrots Pillow
now sits on her thrift-shopped chair there, as one more "Thank You" from me to all those hospitable others who made my sojourn so rewarding.
Like this lovely instrument in playable condition. my dear friend has furnished Coral Cottage with amazing, and beautiful items from the various thrift shops within driving distance.
I purchased a 'Florida' shirt for myself,
and, this soft wool. well constructed one too.

Four More treasures

1. love of a series of "The Cat Who..." stories on audio cassette by Lilian Jackson, only if read by George Guidall (In fact, almost any reading by George Guidall would be a treat).
2. One beautiful seagull feather.
3. A substantial, rock streaked in minerals,
and glittering with shiny flecks of something.
4. Heart-restoring gratitude.

What I'll Long Recall

This view from my bedroom at sundown,
 this  most glorious sunrise or sunset ever,
 this fiery sunset too, and
Clouds doing what clouds do.
I'll remember the contagious laughter we shared.
while watching that Steve Martin "Pink Panther"
on a big screen television, and friends making fine meals so many mornings-afternoons-evenings.
They will be recalled with all my senses at once,
since all were delightfully engaged each time.

Oh, and the smell of the beach, the sound of gulls, the call of grackle, crow and hawk will be the echoes in my brain that sometimes pop on spontaneously.

 Comfortable silences are memorable too.
There were many of those.

It's mighty fine to have such friends as these,
mighty fortunate, and Teddy thought so too!

Homeward Bound

The train pulled out of Orlando two hours late.
I'd been dealing with a nasty head cold for days, and just couldn't sleep, which translated to torture for one away from home, and ill.
 Sunset January 26th
became sunrise
January 27th
 until, at last, I knew I was close to New York when Graffiti, and abandoned factory buildings appeared.
Once back on twenty one, three walk-up flights from the street, I took to bed, and slept for two days and nights.  Then began this series.

The End

Stay Tuned
Next post will be in present tense.


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grace Forrest~Maestas said...

thank you, Michelle. Thank You
for taking me where i cannot go