Saturday, February 15, 2014


This  handsome indigo flag has been waiting since Julio gave it to me last Fall.
I mounted it on a twig, attached a blue feather Nemo gave me a while back, and placed it on this wall.

I delivered another bag of good discards to housing works, and one to the another thrift nearby.  In the evening, I met with my regular writing group.
This picture by Dorothea Lang was one of the 'prompts'
Each of nine of us in attendance wrote for twenty minutes, then read aloud to each other.  All the pieces were dark, different, and quite wonderful.  Heading back uptown, this Illuminated sign at the bus stop shelter caught my attention:
"Walk Safe, Cross Smart"
I did.

I added some painted eyes and lines to a computer print out of this photo that will accompany my "Longing For Snow" story for the chapbook our group will publish in the Spring, made it to the post office and sent it off.

News reached me via the Internet that a woman I'd known during an extremely painful period of my life had a fatal heart attack Monday.  She was only fifty.   Shock.  Perhaps death is always shocking.  This one gripped me hard, sent me spinning back through the memory of those times, and then, just as suddenly, set me free as I remembered something another friend had said: "all debt dies with death"...all questions are answered, and all enmity relinquished, I thought.  What's left is compassion, for her, for myself, and for all who remain.  I turned to preparation for the storm.
Shopping at two local stores, I went into a flurry of cooking.  First, a big organic macaroni and sharp cheese casserole.  Then I steamed apple, cabbage and red onion together, and made a bread pudding sweetened with 'Stevia', dotted with 'Acai' berries, and orange flavor added from fresh squeezed ones. After it cooled. I spread chocolate icing on a piece and it was swell.  Chocolate is a definite perk for distressing times.  I lined up batteries, charged the cell phone and checked my candle supply,   Lighting one for the deceased, I climbed under the comforter plugged in to the CD player to finish my current audio book, Steve Martin's "An Object of Beauty".

It snowed and it snowed, and it snowed again. Rock doves took refuge.  I spent the day sweeping off sills, spreading sunflower seeds, and generally wasting time.  Late in the day, I took a constitutional around Gramarcy Park.  No one was out, but snowplows on triple shift.  Outside the Arts Club, Iron boys were frozen in their fountain.
Sleety rain followed 10 inches of snow, and it snowed once more before morning.

It's 1:30  in the morning and I can't sleep.
 I did sleep eventually, and woke early to a lovely, sunny day with snow melting in rivers on every city street.  I worked on projects, and a few errands were run.  There was a full moon, but I couldn't see it through the haze of overcast skies.  Nothing was in the mail box, which included no bills; There's a bright side to everything.  The evening forecast is promising more snow.

Scored four audio books at the library:
"The Company of Cheerful Ladies" by Alexander McCall Smith, and "A Curious Man" by Neal Thompson.
"Fantastic Mr. Fox by Ronald Dahl, and "The Cat's Table" by Michael Ondaatje.
That's plenty of choice for the long, shut-in weekend.  It's snowing again, and in two hours it will be a whole new week.


yvette said...

it's so great to follow your week!
my book now is donna tart title forgotten but its a little birds name
love reading it
you books i have to look up

Peggy said...

So nice to see the days unfold for you, Michelle. I especially liked your remembering (and your going with it) that all debt dies with death. And that bread pudding sounds so good. Happy snuggling. xo

Mo Crow said...

you are a wise woman Michelle

jude hill said...

i have one of those lions!

Cathie said...

Stumbled upon you - just had a wonderful visit.
I love your take on life - it's lights and its darks.
Sounds like you've carved out a nice little niche in the world for yourself.

Peggy said...

Loved this, hope the weather is better. Sort of out of touch lately. xoxoxo