Friday, February 21, 2014



A short trip uptown to 'Little India' on Lexington Avenue to pick up some lovely sweets for supper company tonight.
Passed "Little Rickey's" on the way home.  They're using the Chinese year of the horse to sell product.  The dress-form is sporting a horse mask, and a pink wig.
Also noted this phone booth advertisement
"Not much"
That's my answer to the question.

A horse of a completely different color, in fact, not a horse at all, but an evening of chanting a forty verse Sanscrit praise song eleven times with these Kirtan friends at the very lovely Broome Street Temple.
Chanting changes the air I breathe, the quality of light, and makes me feel more at home in the world just as it is.


 A difficult rainy day at home with a friend's problems,
sharing tea and sympathy.
I'm glad that evening has come.
Day is done.


Glorious beginning with sunshine and warmth.
I've been working on a line drawing which started as a doodle,
then I shot a photographic still life on the same theme
using a picture card, with porcelain, and wooden critters,
and lastly, just critters.

 Now the line drawing for publication with a little story called "Four Squared" in the chap book my regular writing group is producing.

Later I did a bit of shopping at Trader Joe, and had a nice visit with my yoga instructor and his wife.


Rain is the word today, gray is it's color.
It's texture's like mist,  it's text-ancient lore.

 Like a "London Fog" tea-towel shot with an 'indoor' setting, or the same tea-towel in the same location with 'night-time' set,
what I see changes according to light,
so 'lighten up' my mind thinks.
Tomorrow is a Saturday, and the secret to life
 is still spinach with honey...every day.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

"makes me feel more at home in the world just as it is".

Yes. and your Whole Week did this, too.

Nancy said...

Such a fine week you had. I am happy for your chanting, moments of still life, tea and friendships, and the light you bring wherever you travel.

On a more sarcastic note- I agree..."not much" at all!

Mo Crow said...

the secret to life is spinach with honey? have i missed something? like the year I turned 43 and said "yay! now I will understand the answer to the ultimate question of "Life the Universe and Everything"! and my friend Pete said "you missed it, it was 42"
* "Life, the Universe and Everything" was written by Douglas Adams