Sunday, February 23, 2014


Previously posted in error, when, blogger just jumped, both erasing the blog post under construction, and publishing it simultaneously!
So, here is the reconstruction:
Saturday was such a fine day, I wandered around local parks looking for signs of Spring--saw at least twenty robins digging for worms in the melting snow, and noted with delight the song of the wren in her tangle of bare branches.
The air and locomotion of walking lifted me from my obsession with technical problems.  This little work horse was five years past it's lifespan when it was given to me five years ago.  My Mac is technically obsolete but I can't afford to replace it, so I limp along, stumbling and crawling--making do.  I continue to feel grateful that I'm still on the internet at all, but fully expect it might just crash some day.  I sign out and back up to an external drive with almost every use, and shut the system down when I'm done to try to extend it's life.
  A Buddhist world view helps with the anxiety over detaching from, or being detached, and a sense of humor assures that the irony of planned obsolescence of all matter won't harden my heart to stoned bitterness, while Yoga in all it's forms helps me relax into a 'whatever is--is' mode.
The 'spinach and honey' referred to in yesterdays post, with steamed beans and carrots, coconut oil and yams added was nourishing.
Ripe Florida pink grapefruit was liquid light, and light ruled.  Sunday the weather started bright. but reverted to washed out gray by afternoon.  The week began with listening.  I've temporarily set aside "A Curious Man" and left the  adventurous exploits of Robert Ripley according to Neal Thompson, and have plunged in to Dan Browns 2007 opus, "The Lost Symbol", bound to take me through Wednesday at a few chapters per day.
  Tonight, I turned to the fourth seasons finale of "Downton Abbey.  In last weeks episode Maggie Smith (who has the best lines), said "My dear, life's a series of problems we have to solve--first one, then the next...(the briefest pause)...until we die."  Then, "Why don't you get us some ice cream."  Maybe ice cream is the secret of life, along with expansively stunning English estates (even viewed on my twelve inch screen), and surely stylish hats for every occasion as well.

As usual, tomorrow is just a sneeze away...

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well x fingers your little Mac keeps just going!