Tuesday, February 25, 2014


One Person
(Message on a Phone Booth)
One compassionate person at the bank relieved me of three bounced check fees, and my panic attack...yesterday it was two, but Con Edison resubmitted the check between yesterday, when I unsuccessfully tried to reach them by phone and was cut off after an hour of waiting, and today when I arrived at the bank.
(A refreshing blue sky moment)
At home again,
I phone Con Edison
Spent an hour and a half this time. When I finally reached a person, I was told that no fees had been levied yet because neither the original bounced check (on the 11th), nor the resubmitted one that bounced this morning appeared on their screen!  Yet, they have already mailed a new bill!?  The timing is skewed. Another corporate enigma.  I promised to make good on the third of March when my monthly funds are  available, and it is presumed I will hear about the bounces in March.  Then, we shall see what further hell awaits me.  I am pathologically afraid of debt.

(Here's another blue sky moment)
Tuesday is done.
Sweet dreams and rest to all.


Peggy said...

Michelle, what a beautiful blue sky that is! Snowing here now. I hope your bounced checks stay off their radar. And I like the words of guidance you notice or find -- and then take photos of. Messages and miracles everywhere!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

debt is an illusion

Ms. said...

thanks Oeggy...and oh, how I wish it were true for Con Edison and the eye clinic. In any case, all will be made well with them in early March only a few days away.