Sunday, March 23, 2014


Morning Audio Reads
(drank water)
"Fight The Good Fight Of Faith"

Tom Wolfe
Introducing Marshall McLuhan

(ate nuts, seeds, candied ginger)
'The Merry Prankster'
Ken Kesey
Plain Talking on Drugs, Love, and Life on Earth

(had the first cup of coffee) 
'A Dollar And A Dream'
Something Ken said, made me reconsider my recent purchase just in case it should be 'my turn' at the improbable.  My 'reasoning' for this current spate of dollar purchases once a week was just on the day when only New York State participates, until I was informed that there are two days like that, and purchased two in one week.  The odds were better, I'd thought.  My motivation for gambling these dollars comes down to needing money to save my old air conditioner by having it serviced before the heat sets in, and also need a tidy sum in advance in order to get my cataract replaced by a good lens.  Fact is, the odds are stacked against me.  Finally, something about this breathless, aged, sweet human touches me still (despite the fact that the video cuts out the end of a story).  Mercy, we cry out for mercy and miracles.
(had a second cup of coffee)
('Selfie' 2011)
Something from Marshal McLuhan got me thinking about media again, thinking about it the way I did in film school--analytically.  I know I use media to see the larger world beyond my immediate reach, and to distract myself from what is within my reach as well.  If  'The medium if the message', what is the message?  No answer is incorrect.  The question is the message.

(drank green tea)
(Robin Fledgling) 
Love Dogs
by Rumi

(breath breathed)
Watched the mommy pigeon feeding her several week old little one at the front window, careful not to alert them to my presence.  The daddy pigeon is out hunting crumbs on our increasingly sanitized streets, where, none the less, we are never more than thirty feet from the rats and roaches that populate the underside of our cities.  It is illegal to feed pigeons in the 'big apple'.   After a brief walk about in the chilly day, I traveled back through the years, reviewing and editing photographs.  Here's a flash moment of a morning in Massachusetts:

6PM (simple supper is served)

 Sunset will arrive at our horizon line soon, over at the Hudson river.  The palisades will rise to meet it actually, and The river will flow to the sea.  Then night will seem to fall.  There are stars I'll never see.



grace Forrest~Maestas said...

how so really GREAT is IS. yet
another day of recording LIFE
as it occurs....
Big Juicy Love,

Mo Crow said...

love your view from the big city Michelle!
will wait to listen to Ken Kesey 'til a more reasonable hour to keep the man & neighbours friendly)