Monday, March 24, 2014


 felt like a fog surrounded me all day,
 like I was sleep walking.  I couldn't stop thinking about the new oil spill contaminating the gulf of Mexico, and the life forms it is impacting.
Tonight brought me round to the church garden on the way to the bus downtown for my treasured two hour weekly writing group.  Damn shame.  No one has touched it since I quit in November when I witnessed them ripping up twenty years of perennial growth (never mind why).  It looks it too...though brave daffodils are poking up through the rubble and dead stuff, up and inch or more if not in bud...lord, now the snow has melted I see they left two thirty dollar hoses out there all tangled and stiff...they were supposed to be wrapped and stored....Shame.
My dear friend writer, Amaranth Cline, was in attendance tonight, and wrote some kick-heart pieces.  Her son drove her in from New Jersey--she is so weakened by the chemo she closes her eyes while others read..  Hope it's not her time....hope she can bounce back again.  She's such a fine writer, and a photographer too.  Her spirit is enlightening.

Coincidentally, I responded to a prompt about light, using a quote from Tolstoy' 'Anna Karenina' as the 'prompt'--"All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow."  Ir's a lovely little piece.  Maybe I'll publish it here first.

We got the proofs for our chap book (they have first publishing rights) and read through our pieces for any adjustments needed.  Nice.  Looking forward to April 28th when we present it to friends and family.
I feel the snow coming on...wore that pale blue turtle neck my dear Florida friend gave me.  I'll wear the red cotton one she gave me tomorrow, absorb the life-giving energy of the color, and maybe, just maybe send it back out as light for what looks to be a bleak day.
This amazing hand painted security gate is new at the place where I catch the bus back home on First Avenue below Houston Street.  A message to the community from the community.  The child is erasing the weapon.  Brilliant.
Let there be light.
Be light.


Anonymous said...

cool sequence of self-portraits... I look forward to reading the publication. Will it be for sale? With news of the NRA basically derailing a good appt for Surgeon General, I wish that mural could be seen by more... it is quite compelling.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Witness ing. sometimes it's just
that. Witnessing. Speaking it.