Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Tuesday was a day of light and shadow,
fleeting confusion, and restless exhaustion.
Worked on a story draft.
Ran errands.

Bus Stop Signage
(Ripped jeans)
National Arts Club
(Rest room)
Archeology Slide-Lecture
(Excavation of Egyptian Temple)
A Spectator
(Wearing a 're-purposed' fur hat)
Two Hats Two Hatpins
(Like One Creature)
"Hairy Eared Monk"
(One of the paintings on exhibit)

My Friends Goldfish
(Gave me such an intense look)
She Wore Her 'K.D.' T-Shirt
(Received for investing in the new CD)

the back

We Watched A Movie
(Took some screen shots)
 About a man who runs away from his life.
 He rescues a sail boat, and restores it.
 It ends up saving him.
The End


deemallon said...

I love how by documenting your day, a story emerges.

Nancy said...

So many delicious tid-bits! Love a good story about running away!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

like the goldfish gaze.....
we had a goldfish once, Billy Pilgrim.

Ms. said...

That poor lottle goldie--looks alarmed. Forgot to say my phone died again yesterday...but it'a alive again today. Who knows why anything is. Just is. Some of it is charming, some alarming, okay.

Velma Bolyard said...

you lived an exhausting day.

Mo Crow said...

I dream of buying an old run down houseboat to explore the river collecting flotsam & jetsam along the way to slowly transform the old boat into a wild decoarted gypsy caravan dream of a boat then when I get to the end of the river sell it and go to another river, buy another old run down boat and do it all again it's kind of a retirement plan... must say though the old crow man and the cat are not very excited about this one!