Sunday, April 13, 2014


I descended into the subway for the train uptown.
A bald-shaved burly man covered with tattoos was pushing a high tech baby carriage, his wife beaming nearby as I asked permission to photograph his legs.
He seemed pleased too.
When you depart the train at 103rd Street, walk West a few blocks, and there is an old stone overpass for the Metro North line which you must go through.  Emerging from that, if you look back and up, birds and trees live in that wall.
Archangel brought a swell and generous picnic.  We met to eat on the front patio of the Museum of NY where there are tables and chairs, and a choice of sun or shade.  Later, in a brief visit inside, I asked this man if I could get a shot of the back and front of his t-shirt.  He too was pleased, as was his wife.
I was disappointed that the message on the front included an advertisement.
On to the Conservatory Garden across the street.
Next to the entrance gates.
Looking down over the Roman garden from the high Wisteria portico.  Later there will be a fountain rising two stories up from the center of that circle, and many shrubs and perennials will be in bloom in between and all around.  It's just begun.
Looking up through the iron framework to the newly pruned vines, and remembering when the lavendar blossoms blotted out the sky.  That will happen again little by little.
These are ancient vines.
Ah, the crab apple trees will bloom and fruit again,  There are two of these alleys flanking the Roman Lawn on either side.
The English garden
Dogwood bloom
Dogwood branch
Archangel and I took simultaneous portraits of each other.
blue Scylla
A sudden change in weather.
Archangel headed home.
I wandered further uptown.
Music for days end.
Took a slow bus home.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

your hand on the ancient vine

your admiration of two
human beings
asking them...
the pleasure it gave them.
BIG gift, Michelle. you gave a
BIG gift.

Mo Crow said...

I love this post so full of the joie de vivre of spring & especially the dogwood in full flight! haven't seen dogwood in bloom for 50 years, such a beautiful flower!

Velma Bolyard said...

so many people! and so beautiful!