Sunday, April 13, 2014


Saturday night, to honor Pete Seeger, I walked up to The Community Church, joining with the whole New York Chapter of friends associated with The Peoples Cafe, and of course the friends of 'Clearwater'--the boat that cleaned the Hudson--the boat and the mission--and those good ol' real folks.  It was a full house and a rousing sing along.
 From "This Land Is Your Land"
 through "We Shall Overcome"
 to Irene Goodnight.
 My friends and neighbors, little Sami-Rose and 'Mommy' Jenny
on their way to the grand finale line up.
 'Daddy' Talbot filmed it all.
Aren't they a lovely family.
 The wonderful girl who ran the sound board was ecstatically singing.  She caught me grabbing the shot and burst into delicious laughter.  How I wish I'd asked her name.
 What a swell night it was--
a great big spirit boost.
 Afterward, I waded through the drinking revelers spilling out of the many bars that dot the blocks from 35th Street to bar-less East 21st Street where quiet miraculously prevailed.

The moon shone down on all alike


Nancy said...

Oh Michelle...this is fantastic! How I would love to have been there with you :) A spirit lift first, then us through your sharing! Thank you.

linda m in bc said...

Thank you Michelle. I am so often truly inspired by your posts when i visit you. When I likened Jude to an American Treasure recently, this is exactly the America I meant.

Deb said...

a perfect evening

Martine said...

The moon shone down on all alike..........
She always does.....i like that very much!