Tuesday, April 8, 2014


In retrospect, all events and turnings in one lifetime involved choice.
Choice meant something was lost I say in my aging voice.
which has lowered it's timbre a decibel
to speak-up now for the ineffable

A screen image taken while listening to the full hour plus video of the Dalai Llama talking to teens about ethics and compassion.
An image from my current environs which shines this illuminated message to be ready for disaster at all who pass East twenty third and third.  New this year.
 A mysterious truck-'Hylan Datacom and Electrical' from Staten Island-digging up cables on East 23rd between 2nd and 3rd, Manhattan.  Never saw one in the neighborhood before.  I'm just sayin' it might be a good story.

He who no longer clings
I rephotographed from the screen this astonishing
Photo by Damon Winter that accompanied the article
The New York Times Magazine published an extensive look at Matthiessen’s life entitled

I wasn't able to lift the link off The Rumpus Magazine which I get through blogger, but it's worth a search if you are a fan.
"Lying back against these ancient rocks of Africa, I am content."  "The great stillness in these landscapes that once made me restless seeps into me day by day, and with it the unreasonable feeling that I have found what I was searching for without ever having discovered what it was."
-The Tree Where Man Was Born-

"In the longing that starts one on the path is a kind of homesickness, and some way, on this journey, I have started home. Homegoing is the purpose of my practice."
-The Snow Leopard-


That's All


Peggy said...

Michelle. I love coming here and being a part of your world for a few minutes. The curtain parting to reveal the birds on the ledge -- hearing your music, put me in a mini-trance.
Now thinking about your poem and choices made...and guess what else -- starting to embroider a smile reminder today. :)

Mo Crow said...

ah the ineffable... a lovely choice of words

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i need to spend some time with this
time. some time.
some time.
i need to spend some time with this post.
i do.

Martine said...

I need to spend more time with this blog, more and more because i dont understand my feelings about it.
You dont know me yet ms. I found you trough Yvette's blog, she's a very dear friend of mine.
Its the graffitty wall that caught my attention and as i said, i need to spend more time with it.........

Ms. said...

Hey there you who "need to spend more time" -words that delight me- Yes, this was a dense one. It all started with the announcement of Peter Matthiessens death that week...it was on my mind--his amazing life, the complexity of his thought, the adventures he spent time on...Anyway, then I was on my way to my Monday night writing group (been meeting for years and using the Amherst System of prompt writing)...it was raining and I decided to make a little film, I was singin' in the rain because I love these two hours a week...the chance to exercise my imagination away from the concerns of daily life...So I thought of three visual prompts after I got home...almost random choices of photographs (my camera is almost always with me wherever I am and often I just shoot a 'what I'm noticing' set of shots with no purpose for them in mind...I chose from recent ones. So that's really all. Peter Matthiessen is the lynch pin...and the quotes from two of his many books just random choices. I checked with the library if any of his writing is on audio books (I'm severely vision impaired till the cataract operation-tentatively May 8) but no, and (surprising to me) none of his work in any medium is available for check out. It is only available at the main branch in the research room! Somewhere I have a copy of "The Snow Leapard" which I never actually read--just skimmed. Now I would love to return to it. Meanwhile, there are interviews on you tube.