Wednesday, April 9, 2014


"I suspect that gardeners have been swooning over blue flowers for as long as there have been gardens." writes Thomas Fischer in his article 'The Hue of Blue" from August-September, 1996 issue of
Plumbago auroculata
 Salvia uliginosa
Hydrangea (mophead) Generale Viscomtesse de Vibraye

I got my evening news from a meditation with Dr. Miles Neale at Tibet house where I am always graciously welcomed.
Afterward, everything I'd seen on the walk over, when repeated for the return trip, seemed illuminated, benign, and lighter--the roller boarding students, the couple selling glow in the dark rings, the star chess players, the hip hop class on the steps, the buzz of traffic, my favorite worker at Trader Joe's, two young cops parting after their supper break, the hazy moon and one very bright star.  At home, I ate a brew of vegetable, fish and rice warmed over, and idly watched a few scenes from a Seinfeld rerun.
Then, uploaded photographs to the computer, checked emails, and read some blog posts, amongst which, the following: 
Lindsay Kobayashi at PLOS Blogs Network.
 Then returned to my current Audio book for one more scintillating chapter before tucking in for the night. John Lithgow has led the most incredible life, paralleling my own in age and experiences.  Though mine is not nearly so amazing, we had many encounters, people and places in common to my delight.  It's a bit like reviewing the decades I've passed through with new eyes. Most enjoyable.
 Then a moments thought for the dear friend of the spirit who sent this charming bird with love and a very useful gift, giving proof to the old adage:
"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

The fledgling on my windowsill was 'eep'ing for it's Ma as I fell asleep to her cooing response.


Velma Bolyard said...

michelle, things seem a bit more peaceful in your place, or maybe it's just spring.

Ms. said...

I think it was the meditation that becalmed my monkey mind and turned the thought winds down a notch.