Thursday, April 24, 2014


Today I was up at 5AM discouraging the pigeon partners by banging on the window and air conditioner each time they started to chortle.  My timing was good--the  first fledgling had flown.
After the A/C guys got here and removed the innards, I found the very well established nest above.  I used a big paint scraper and gloves, carefully removed it all, then sprayed disinfectant like crazy.  I found tiles I had stored away, and piled enough in there to block their return.  The clean air conditioner will be back in a few days.
I will miss the daily visits, but it's for the best.
The memory lingers on:
(One Minute Home Video)
~April 2013~


yvette said...

just in time....


Nancy said...

I'm glad you have these memories to hold you.