Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The Chapbook Launch
 Everyone had a great time last night,
and everyone shared wonderful pieces.
Produced and sponsored by The Creative Center and The New York Writers Coalition whose dedicated, talented people make all our pleasure possible.

Frank Haberle
Our  beloved 'leader' and Fellow Writer
in Living Color
and Black and White

Deb Spiciatti, Lori Kent,
and Barbara Hohenberg
Three illuminated wordsmiths
Deb volunteered to read first

Amaranth Pavis Cline
She never ceases to amaze me in word and spirit.
in Living Color
and Black and White

Amaranths' lovely Family

All Of Us Together
in Living Color
and Black and White

A Personal Note
Before the wine, I was a determined bully--rearranging the furniture to create aisles, getting four stacked extra tables moved out to the hall, soliciting a replacement cable for the microphone, and generally stirring the soup to a rolling boil.  Thanks to Frank for his generous complicity.

After the wine, I shifted into a slightly lopsided being recalibrating toward center.  I had meant to snap photos of each of the ten readers, but was captured by their words.   Apologies to  the talented Judith Kalina, Diane Keller, Lori Kent, Fran Kokov and Glen Jeffers.  Zoe Eiffel prefers to be exempt from photos.
Thanks to my  friend Wendy Daly who used my camera to shoot photos I appear in, and to Chipollte for the lovely food. 
Cover Art
by Barbara


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