Monday, April 28, 2014


 It's the launch and celebration of our newest chapbook
"Taking the Prompt"
 By the writers of the 'Moving Pen'
Winter 2014 led by Frank Haberle
Produced by the New York Writers Coalition
The Creative Center

The Amherst Method
(The method we use)

"Pat Schneider, founder of the method, has many gifts, but I personally think that the source of her strength as a writer, teacher, activist, and human being is her profound ability to be authentic and vulnerable. Something magical happens when Pat speaks; she creates room for everyone to go deeper, open up, heal, and write their absolute best, most honest work"
~Aaron Zimmerman~

Here are clips of Pat talking about writing;
Each is about two minutes.
(You tube won't let me post them today but I'll try to come back later and do that)



Deb said...

It's terrifying and exhilarating when it's your turn to stand and deliver.

Anonymous said...

I have been years at Pat Schneider's writing method and never heard her speak. THANK YOU. I read her first book all the time, but it is different to HEAR her.

(BTW, the second and third links are the same one -- about the THREE voices).

Does your group put together a Chap Book every year?