Friday, May 9, 2014


City Hall Park
Pink Redbud In Bloom
 Miniature Tulips
 Screen Saver at NY Vision Group
follow up visit the day after surgery
Implant Options

Right eye healing well.  Now I understand lenses a bit more--not everyone is a candidate for the full spectrum lenses.  The usual protocol is replace the right eye lens with a lens for long distance viewing, then the left lens for close and reading.  The brain then connects them and adjusts.  The other option is both lenses be long distance vision.  Wear reading glasses.  My friend did this and is happy with it.  Only now do I note the left eye is two shades grayer 

So, not till the left eye is done and finances are in order to support it.  Meanwhile I will be able to read with glasses.  Next Wednesday, back to SUNY for Rx eyeglasses.  Twenty- twenty vision correction is in the future.  Meanwhile, I see so much better and brighter.

Post Script
For the first time today I noticed bruising under the eye but still no discomfort or any pain.


deanna7trees said...

glad to hear it went well.

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grace Forrest~Maestas said...

almost There, then...yes?

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So glad it went well and you are on your way to 20/20!!