Tuesday, May 13, 2014


A huge quilt is happening and a whole book has already happened:
"Empty Your Pockets For A Thousand Thankyou's"
from Wendy Golden Levitt
The communal 'Magic Feather Project' quilt called "Home", originated and being completed by the utterly amazing Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth, is meant for all the 'cloth' children who come to Wendy.
They wrote their thoughts and sent them out.
So many stories are told.
One child says "I'm wild inside and out.  I am teaching my wildness to play sometimes and rest at others, but I love my wild now.  Thanks to the beasts on the cloth here.  That is what Jude has named those wild animals.  My reaction to them was a surprise.  Surprise usually starts me going in a new way.  I have the cloth to thank for that."
Another child writes "Every kid in the world, if they had a cloth sewn up this way...there would be probably no wars when we got older."
One sightless child says "I see every cloth here.  I think the makers know I'm blind when they make their sewing.  They make cloth so anyone can see things, through their eyeballs or through their hands."
Another confides
" I felt yesterday what Joy feels like."
 "Take the Magic Feather Cloth out to lots of children.  They will love it.  They will get healing.
I just love this."
"Could you say thank you for me?  Could you squeeze all this love into a thank you?"


Marti said...

Love how you shared this Michelle. Thank you for being part of this circle of women cloth givers. My heart is full to know all of you.

Ms. said...

Me too! FULL to bursting nearly. I was a one-patch participant...my very first patch ever.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

one patch does it, with all the
Other Ones...
It is the BEST, isn't it...to
be in Partnership with these
children...to be their Tribe....
I read it all, every morning now.
it sets the Tone of the day in a
way nothing else could.
and yes...beautiful posting.
Thank You Love,

Mo Crow said...

real magic!

Nancy said...

This is just the best, frequent reminders most needed and most welcome. Love to you Michelle and all the other clothmakers. xo

Deb said...

I'm so happy to have contributed a handful of feathers and stones and a bit of cloth to this very special purpose. The book is wonderful!