Monday, May 12, 2014


"Concentration, being with the center, is the secret of our uniqueness, the secret of our being, of our authenticity.  Making time each morning to concentrate on the messages from your body, making time to concentrate on the images from your dreams, to dialogue with the treasures from the unconscious - this will keep you in touch with the river within.  Then, at any moment of the day, you may touch into that river, into the places where things happen."
 Marian Woodman, from The Silence and the Dance 1993
(From Judy Martin at Judy's Journal yesterday)

Early today a phone call announced a dear friend is in critical condition after a sudden heart attack, and has been at New York Presbyterian hospital since Saturday,  Dennis Eagan is part of my adopted family in Massachusetts, and the kind man who donated the bulk of co-pay cash needed to get my right eye lens replacement.   His is a big-hearted being.  No wonder it got weary.  This candle is a vigil for his recovery.  May he be dipping into the river, and may it carry him along and soothe him until he is well again.

Update 12:10 5/14

I'm just back from a pre-operation visit at the amazing Cornell-Wilde (spelling?) Medical "City" (Center really).

Friend Dennis has bypass heart surgery in the morning!
 Whew...He is being monitored by at least three machines and is attached to lifelines attached to just about everywhere in and on his body--whew--the nurses are sweet and young (it's a teaching college too).

Leaving, I took time over the architecture.  The old building built here in the 1900s is encased in the massive newer glass and steel mega-structure.

I read the names on stone columns inside the lobby and recognized fame and money in some of them....notable Victorians all.
Outside a low white perfect egg moon made me think of cloth, and the very old trees scattered their frond like leaves at the edges of the scene the long fence standing guard.

The candle I lit for him yesterday is still burning and will be till past noon tomorrow.


Mo Crow said...

lighting a candle here too

grace Forrest~Maestas said...


cyn said...

a rosemary candle..for remembrance and because it is so fresh and to me hopeful…cynthia

jude said...


Nancy said...

Michelle...((((sigh))). I'm lighting a candle too. Please update us as to how he is doing. Blessing to him for who he is...for his healing and for his family.

Ms. said...

Update 5 14 at 7:24 AM--He's on the operating table about now as I type this--candle still burning--in a few hours he'll be in recovery. I'll keep updating here I think. Whew.

Marti said...

Added his name to my daily blessing ritual and yours as well...