Sunday, May 11, 2014


A new Audio Book
(Just begun)
 A rescued light green Plant for Mothers Koala Bear habitat.
I told ' Dollie' and 'Ted' as they dutifully watched me moving slowly from task to task what Winnie the Pooh said:  "Rivers know this:  There is no hurry.  We shall get there Someday."  My dear friend reminded me of this quote and made me laugh.
I colored in with fabric pens, like the child I once was did with crayons, the front cover of the very special handmade rose-petal dyed Book from my friends, the Crows.  It came all the way from Australia to rest in my hand!
I arranged Raw Ruby-Red Cabbage and topped it with my freshly crushed fruit compote.
Last night neither my brain nor body would let go.  Just let it be--listened to my audio book, drifting in and out of it's 'fictional' story world, and the 'real' world of world news, things to do and people to think about--intermixing them together into my interior world till dawn, when, exhausted at last, I finally slept.
Mother Slept

And what were her dreams about, my little mother?
Way back when she leaped from one promise to another
When each proved both less and more than she'd imagined
Instructed, as we all are, by the entire past and it's impressions
Precariously balanced on a microscopically thin edge?
What were her dreams?  They're history.  Times change
Rivers flow to the sea, to the sea.


Post Script
I was included in this mother and son supper
(Bert and Wendy)

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Peggy said...

No hurry. I don't remember that quote but I love it. A dye bundle? It's going to be snazzy.

And I just read about your friend -- carried and soothed by the river. You have a way with words, Michelle. xoxo