Friday, July 11, 2014


Amma was in New York for three days.
Here's a 5 minute CNN piece from 2007

Read this again before  packing it to send to a friend
"Shadows In the Sun"
Essays on the Spirit of Place by Wade Davis
Monthly banking accomplished and bills paid
A new warning: as the poor get poorer they get cleverer
Late at night, unable to sleep, I wandered downstairs to the street to watch the storm approaching
Watched this library-loaned video

So enjoyable.  It made me think of Grace Forest

A storm damaged tree lays cut up on the sidewalk

Looking in on the newest construction next to my local library
Yet another high rise condominium starts with excavation (sigh)
What a busy sky today, like flocked cloth
A domestic detail was accomplished
 Mahonia in flower on East 22nd Street

An oh so helpful visit to the studio of
Ellen Saltonstall
(click on Kinetic Awareness)

 She who helped me so much in the past, has me back on a regimen of 'Theraputic Ball work' for my shoulder and neck injury, and I already feel the difference.

I walked home happy and lighter knowing it was good to wait, and good to stick with homeopathic remedies, and naturopathic solutions like body work.  Passing Styvesunt Square park three blocks from my home, I noticed a sign:
Free Mind body movement and more at lunchtime Wednesdays, Movies Thursday nights and  Tango Sundays, and some garden volunteer opportunities too!
I'm meeting the friend, 'Archangel' Michael for a visit to The museum of Natural History Rose center (a promise I made to Grace forest) to the Halls of 'the Universe',  'Earth' and 'Biodiversity'

Post Script
Blogger is malfunctioning
I can't make the background color fill the post page
"It's the imperfection that lets the light in"


Marti said...

How wonderful Michelle that you watched the video of Bless Me Ultima. It has been my privilege and honor to have written and gotten a letter back from Rudolfo Anaya, the author of Bless Me Ultima. He is one of the founders of Chicano literature and professor emeritus at the University of New Mexico.

When I knew that we were moving to New Mexico, I wanted to read works by local authors. Have read many of Anaya's works but it was in his book of essays that I found such a strong heart connection between his upbringing and mine: Spanish, Catholic, learning English when we went to school, the discovery of libraries where the world opened up to the both of us, etc. Wrote him a letter to tell him of how full my heart was to read of this and he graciously replied in longhand. His letter is now one of my most beloved and important treasures.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i didn't realize that the movie
was made. i might see if i can
get it at the video place...
thanks for this...

and i am SO excited that you
will see what might be the only
thing that would lure me to NYC
can't wait to hear

and also,...the New gardening possibility!!!!!!

Mo Crow said...

good to hear you are healing well Michelle!