Saturday, July 12, 2014


The Museum of Natural History 
Inside, a dinosaur stretches upward toward the lights
At the Rose center, in the Hall of the Universe
We learn that star clusters sometimes collide
(meet my friend 'Archangel') 
Travel along the cosmic timeline as we wind our way along the circular path down down through time
The light of stars takes billions of years to reach us, and when it does, we are seeing into our past
The mystery remains unknown:
Human existence equals a single hair

Thirteen billion years since the 'Big Bang'
Tides come and go
Our earth contains minerals
Strata of materials tell time
and show processes that transform elements from one form to another
Wood to stone
Solidified carbon
Liquid fire
like this garnet peppered stone
and this
and this
Obsidian on the upper left
At the center of the hall we sit in a sunken circle on slate shelves looking up to watch  earth form and withdraw in an endless loop
Emerging, we wandered outside
under shedding plane trees
where a few sunflower seeds on this bright day are enough to draw a willing flock of rock doves
~The End For Now~

We spent three hours and only made it to the Hall of the Universe, and the Hall of  Earth.  Mind you, our visit was not thorough.  There is so much to see and learn amidst the many interactive displays just in these two halls.  We never made it to the Hall of Biodiversity, and my cameras memory card was full within the first two hours because I forgot to empty it before leaving home.  I took no notes.

Have a look around for yourself:


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

GOING!!!! JUST SO MUCH. now i want to go back to the beginning and look again...Love,
and if i had my way i would have
silence. that would be hard tho
for parents of young children...
so..ok....maybe one day a month,
Silent Day.
thank you again.....and again

yvette said...

what's so nice is the link for a walk alone!

Michelle sorry
i never forget you but needed time off, way off computers

it was a pleasure to read back
hope your shoulder is better now


Mo Crow said...

oh the hall of dinosaurs is just the most amazing wondrous place. I will never forget my first visit at the age of 10 seeing those towering skeletons & the New York World's Fair was on the same year!

Ms. said...

From Judi Martin via e-mail
"I tried to comment on your post about the american history museum, but could not enter the site. Isn't it awesome how vast the world is and how old and how big and how many things there are in it. Your post reminded me to think about that - to realize how old the rocks of Georgian Bay are."

Judy Martin said...

Hello Michelle.

Thank you for this post. It reminds me to be more respectful of everything I see and feel and hear.

Ms. said...

another email, this from 'Archangel--"What a gorgeous photo documentary/blog to capture the essence of our great adventure Friday! I tried to post to your blog, but obviously don't get the hang of it."

Hm...wonder what's up with not being able to comment at the blog?