Thursday, August 14, 2014


Last Night
Rode the Lexington Avenue Subway uptown.
Exited at East 103rd Street and turned left...
Headed West
Past the used clothes bin near the painted house fence...
 Past the old school, and up the steep hill...
  To Fifth Avenue.

Turn The Corner
Gave my camera to a tall woman to shoot this...
Oh--oh, how I danced (no pictures of that however) from hip hop through Disco to the fifties and a line dance set.  It was such a lift.

Inside to the Graffiti Exhibit
Strike a pose
take a quick tour
grab some shaky shots
ending with Keith Herring
and these painted jackets through glass
 The Roots
Then back out to the terrace
where a channel was formed for running,
tumbling, somersaulting professionals...
Intense energy
Intense concentration

Next time I'll shoot film.
Then uptown one block
to take a peek into
El Museo del Barrio
Back downtown for goodbyes
and one last line dance.
Then across the street to the Fifth Avenue bus.
Home by 10:30.

Depression's got no space to breathe when you're dancing!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

What an adventure! Love seeing the mix in the crowd watching the dance and thanks to the tall lady!