Monday, August 11, 2014


Saturday Night Still

Saturday Night Gif

Sunday Alert
Perigee will occur just 26 minutes before the moon officially reaches its full phase at about 7:45 PM over Manhattan on August 10. The two phenomena will not occur so close together again until 2034, potentially making Sunday's super-moon the biggest and brightest of the next 20 years.
There's a meteor shower this week as well.

Sunday Night
I'm back
After a loverly day, and a simple supper
yams, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, garlic, two veggie burgers cooked in coconut oil, and cubed, wilted escarole, pepper, rice vinegar, lemon balm, dill, and some golden flax seed all tossed together
Commence a two hour jaunt at ten o'clock
Uptown for awhile, then East to the river, then swinging around twentieth Street Westward to Gramercy Park for a once around, all slow and steady till I arrived home by midnight.  The moon, she was white and bright, but oh so far away.
Our friend Cally  got the best shot Ive seen so far from her stunning view of the  Pacific


yvette said...

nothing but rain here so no moon to see

but love to sent!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

20 years...i'm thinking that
will then be the Moon of my
Life time. An interesting
way of thinking.....