Sunday, September 28, 2014



by Grace Forest

She traveled from New Mexico, arriving in New York 'on loan' in early September rolled in this note:
"Don't send back until you've had your fill, and when that time
comes, maybe even not then~wait.  Take her around
this August Being...a good long journey."

Looking At Her
Here are all the shots I've taken of her so far
(in different light and with different settings):
Two eyes

Near the window
Near the French doors


For now she protects the apartment...
 I plan to carry her with me to Massachusetts in October,
to photograph her there, and will add on when I return. 

Looking Back
In reverse order through the month of her becoming
using 'Windthread' posts back to her origin.
(the pictures and words are Grace Forests')

But mostly, it was this.  I tried a while, to use that other scrap of cloth for Her.
I wanted to because it was so Soft and so how i remember the Feeling of her,
that Biggest Lizard of All  (that i haven't seen since)  (maybe soon, again)
but it just wasn't working.  So i began again and this is good.
Except for her left leg,  the legs and arms are pretty much ok.
I have to wait to do the hands and feet till the grass seed stems are in place.
The hands and feet need to be just exactly right.  As they ARE on lizards.  ....  Wild Lizards as the kids used to call them.....wild lizards.
That makes me smile.

i began the Lizard.   Worked a while then gave up.
It's not an end of the day kind of work....the cloth that i think i Need for her is soft and difficult to stitch without creating folds and Lizard does not have folds and ripples, is smooth, taut.  Will wait.   but i did begin.
AUGUST is a space,  a time, repeating,   year after year.  We name this time August.  I wonder what other cultures call this time,  when it is a moment of All of It....growth/the beginning of is such an intense time to me,  since a child,  that it is as if it is a BEING.  Maybe the only space in the roll of a Year that seems this way to me.   The She of August holds all that has come before and all that might come of that.  August is Everything.

the Grasses came today

rummaging through the scraps i found this.   Took off the lizard. somehow IT.  But i don't know how to "pull it in". 
so i took it off.
Did This,  which is also "true". 
but,  This.  somehow,  This is just what it Is....August.
so i look.   and as i look here,
it occurs to me that maybe somehow there could be both?????

 And while cooking,  i asked self....Grace,...what IS it that you want right now?  What IS IT  that would give you some Space??????   and Funny......,
i walked over and looked....well...
That Self that always knows what's going on had been one jump ahead...
Because the answer to that question was:
just to get OUT of my head for a while....
and i put another leg for Michelle
August is such a Dense month.
  It's BeautyFULL and it is also something else.
What?  What word do i want?'s BeautyFull and it is also i guess REAL.

To be continued...


Joan@CopperCreeker said...

She's gorgeous
and you have honored grace's work in such a loving way.

Marti said...

Michelle, I'm so used to feasting on your rich street, poetry, Buddhist New York life, that it was a total surprise to see August here BUT also quite fitting because you and grace, transcend landscape.

One of the things I love about you Michelle is your zest for life, especially when I see you telling of your dancing in the streets, see the photos of the people moving and swaying. Since dance is part of my bloodstream, a favor... Could you please maybe take August to the streets the next time you hear a riff of music? She will fit right in because the beauty of grace's cloth is that she pulses with life. It's a selfish request I know but when she comes back from her big city stay, her sojourn in Massachusetts when she returns to grace, I know I will see her and I want to just touch her and feel the street dancing vibes from you and others...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

O ~Michelle~

How so Great that this has Happened...
just so Great to me.

to see this Cloth in your home...
ahhhh and a very soft eeeeeeeeeeee.

I particularly love how you went
this going Back...more than going

Thank you for This, so much and LOVE

Mo Crow said...

what a beautiful honouring of the "Autumn" cloth & so cool that she can travel!

Mo Crow said...

oops she's not Autumn but August!

deemallon said...

a beautiful tribute and lovely example of cyber friends becoming tactile -- sharing space, cloth, memory, meaning