Saturday, September 27, 2014


Drawn To The Open Window Tuesday
cheers and applause 
Some one from the precinct was being honored
I suspect it was the one in the gray suit

After Zen Sitting Wednesday
There was a traditional memorial ceremony for one persons'
recently departed step- father with chants and lighting of incense
I paused to look at the underside this fascinating plant

Fall Blooms This Week
Plants in street tree wells along twenty third street

Family Operated Business
The Dress Shoppe at 83 Second Avenue in the East Village
offers the best organic hand rolled incense, and much more

Artificially Enhanced Night
Cooper Square
Citi-bikes sitting in a long puddle
Area under constant construction
Grace Church Broadway at 10th Street
Free Bach at noon daily

Little Debbie Is The Devil
best kept in the freezer to be eaten cold

Things A Friend Didn't Want
Small frayed handwoven wool rug
Three cotton printed pillow covers

Saturday Cleaning Day
no photographs - listen with me
Bouree I+2 - Bach 3rd Cello Suite - Cello Banjo
Rob MacKillop
I'm watching my mind
Bach Sarabande from 3rd Cello Suite - Cello Banjo
Rob MacKillop
Are you watching yours?
Pablo Casals - Bach Cello Suites Nos. 1-6 - Full Album 


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i am watching

Deb G said...

Beautiful music for today. And yes, watching...

Peggy said...

It's raining outside so I'm inside listening and watching both.

And just have to giggle about Little Debbie.