Monday, September 22, 2014


This planet has it's own agenda. It's not personal no matter what our neurons tell us.  The sun is directly above the equator, and the hours of day and night are nearly equal.

It pulls at matter this moment, and I feel it even here-- encased in brick, surrounded by glass and steel, wrapped in endless cables--I feel the pull of green going, of rot and rebirth, and in the wind tonight a hint of Winter.
Nearby, People's Climate Change marchers are traveling back to their homes, while some marched to wall street to face arrest.  Dignitaries and presidents from all the world are arriving for the United Nations Climate Summit. Further away, a friend sits deathwatch with a beloved cat, another friend has fallen into deep depression and will not be soothed, and yet another has run out of remedies for his manic rage.   Elsewhere, millions are cold, hungry, hurt and afraid.


I just sit here and breathe it all in.  I will light the candle to burn through this Equinox night, turn down the bed cover, and breathe out a prayer: "May I be happy, may I be free of suffering, may I feel peace in my heart."
Repeat For Yourself


Mo Crow said...

(((Michelle))) it's the spring equinox here in the Land Down Undwr with the greening and the flowering and the jasmine perfuming the air and everything is feeling frisky, we are just heading out the door to see "Wicked" the musical, a friend is playing trombone in the orchestra and gave us the tickets!

Ms. said...

Ah Mo---yes I know--we live on opposites side of the great divide, yet are not divided. So lovely to think of your Spring, and to imagine the Mr. and Mrs. crows flying off to a witchy theatrical tonight :->

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the word
came to mind

Love to you, Michelle

Judy Martin said...

michelle, I haven't been here for a while and so I read through your recent posts about the poetry and the marching and the people that you hang out with. It is remarkable and must be so full for you , each day, as if something is really changing. Really, as you say, shifting. Thank you for the news about the climate change march and the big wigs and little wigs involved.
You have a huge spirit in that body.

yvette said...

Seeing iT in your post did ring à bell

But THE softer love too!

layers said...

Respect... a universal wish for everyone and every life and for our planet.