Monday, October 13, 2014


Columbus Day is a federal holiday celebrated on the second Monday in October

"For the execution of the voyage to the Indies,
I did not make use of intelligence, mathematics or maps."
-Christopher Columbus-
He took his chance without a compass! 
“Following the light of the sun,
we left the Old World.”
 He was more than you read in those history books....
Try this one
Enjoy discovering him....


The Parade
 Marches up Fifth Avenue from 47th street to 78th Noon to Three o'clock
It will be broadcast at ABC TV

Post Script
It was on this date in 1792 that  the cornerstone was laid for
the President's House, now known as the White House.
When George Washington was elected as the first president
of the United States three years earlier, Philadelphia
served as the nation's temporary capital.

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