Friday, November 21, 2014


I've been going through them looking for some to post for 'Throw-Back Thursdays" on face book.  Here's my first 'boyfriend' in Yonkers early in the forties!
Gosh how I loved my 'Nana' Slater
and Aunt Pauline
and Nana's 'Cabin' in the Catskill mountains
where I spent many joyful Summer weeks
 and I loved the neighbor girls pony
and my cousin 'Frannie' Weckerle
 whom I idolized
Stars of my childhood are long gone
Looking at them now,
I feel that feeling of being loved
Teenage years were fraught with angst,
but I was loved then too.
Now I can love the girl I was.  I understand her.
I've accepted and forgiven her ignorance.
Understanding will do that.
It just takes time.

Maybe more of this in another post.


Mo Crow said...

I love these old photos that all add up to you now (((Michelle)))

jude said...

I understand her. yes!

deanna7trees said...

love looking at old photos. glad my dad did photography as a hobby so there are lots of albums to look at.

Nancy said...

Love seeing you as a young girl/woman...I can see your same face in there. I too love the pictures of those days gone by. I look at yours and feel it was a simpler time, a slower time and I like that. Thanks for sharing adorable you!

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

if only we could feel the love when it's there, those years of feeling lost, unloved, what a shame......regret doesn't help, recognizing how it was then and loving the young person we once were, yes that's a good way of accepting and forgiving - you feel love now?

Marti said...

There is a poignancy to black and white photos; often I find them more moving than color photos because memory works harder to bring focus and emotion to the surface...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

somehow the black/white feels more
personal to me, more intimate, more
like some real moment is HELD there..
in place...and wants to be seen

Velma Bolyard said...

i love seeing your love for all of these, even teenage you.