Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Pieces of My Past
60's 70's 80's and 90's


The Millions March for Justice brought many hundreds of thousands out in major cities across the country.
Here in New York City:
 Protestors on the front lines held up this chilling banner with Eric Garners eyes
created by TED Prize winner JR
(screen capture)
Simultaneously the yearly Santa-Con had also been scheduled with hundreds cruising from party to bar in Santa themed garb. While waiting for the light to change, I had a friendly conversation with these two 'bunnies' in drop seat pajamas-a twist on playboy iconography.
Traffic had been diverted, and helicopters hovered above as I walked across town to the F train at 5:30.  Underground, one elf was very sick, her friend helping her aim at the trash container.
I reached my destination--the Studio of Ann Grifalconi, Author, Illustrator, Artist and activist, to attend the last day of her invitational open-studio and holiday party held over four days.
One of her many beautiful recent works
Snapshot of Bill, photographer
The photo he snapped of me
Susan, retired speech therapist
Maira and Alix, artist teachers
I met Anne at the Rubin Museum only a few weeks ago for the first time--an instant, mutual sympathetic attraction.  Saturday I met these fine friends of hers for the first time, and was made to feel most graciously welcome.  Such a lovely evening, but I regret not taking more photos of her extensive work, and her collection of Mexican artifacts.  I hope to return for a longer look in the new year, and to snap a portrait.  Ann is second from the right below.
Original and amazing example of older work
I stayed talking with her after everyone left, arriving back home via slow train and bus connections at two in the morning.  The chill air had me sneezing. Once under the comforter I fell asleep thinking about shooting stars.

Slept very late, realizing upon rising that I'd caught a nasty head cold.  But, I had promised to meet a friend from my writing group downtown at Sunshine Cinema, so took some herbal remedies, bundled up and caught the bus. The film makers were present.
Some Reviews

I spent the day in bed nursing this cold.  Missed out on the last session of the season with my writing group, and the holiday celebration at the zendo. I think I'll be nursing my ills for another day or more.  It's a fierce one.
....so it goes.


Mo Crow said...

love seeing all the art & artists you are visiting (((Michelle))) Be Well!

yvette said...

wow,vwhat spetsculair...your picture....love you
thanks for the walk!

yvette said...

are you feeling better now?

thank you for your beautiful comment on feathers!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

shooting stars...enough for all of it