Sunday, December 14, 2014


Flowmenhaft Gallery
547 West 27th Street Ny Ny

Eleanor Flowmenhaft
Painting by Suzanne laFleurs
Official Gallery Photographer
 by Gerv Stern
Veridian Artists
548 West 28th Street Ny Ny

An old friend of the Gallery with her companion
(the dog moved)
I arrived right near the end of the show
Wall of Art
(apology for incomplete information)
Bottom Row-Photo of the three heads, two of them faces in a 19th-century game at Governor's Island and the third (in the middle) of the person running the game is by Marcia Lloyd
Broken Bottle by Marcia Lloyd
Beams by Bob Marvin
Marcia Lloyd with Elaine Marvin
Tuscan Woman by Marcia Lloyd
(her calling card)
I love her hat!
"Pope Vernita Summons Dragons"
"If you enter Second Life as an avatar, you can walk through the doors of The Church of Art, and walk around inside looking at the art on the walls. You can also enter the Cathedral at Wyrms, and summon dragons yourself. You can even find a Hindu site you can walk around: Maha Maya, And you can ride your own motorcycle along the virtual highways, or ride a Mercedes Benz."
by Flash Light
All works are On Sale-Visit the Gallery

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Saskia van Herwaarden said...

the good fortune of living in New York: all of these amazingly talented people sharing their art, oh to live in the big apple, if only for a while....