Wednesday, January 14, 2015


A child, I used to win spelling B's.  Then
 spell-check wiped away all I'd learned by rote
'till even words seemed interchangeable
 although I know
they're not.
If I were to lose the internet one day
would I be swept back to
 with yellowing vision
like the pages of this book
falling apart at it's seams, only
saved because you signed it?
What would I do without Google search
now I've become it's fool, Daddy?



Mo Crow said...

I love my Macquarie dictionary and still use it a lot. Have turned the auto spell check function off in the computer because it was preempting my editing process and I really didin't like that!

Eric Norris said...

See, I did visit. I love dictionaries. Especially family ones. I treat them like Bibles.

I think you can make a poem out of this post. I also think you should!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

that's some goodlooking daddy you had
there, who also had excellent
who also had THE book...

i look constantly in my very same
dictionary. I love my dictionary.
Many things are between the pages

yvette said...

for me to be able to google everything is such enrichment,va dream came throug
wanting to know everything...

sorry Michelle for little contact lately

but underneath

Nancy said...

Michelle, I still have my Jr. High/High School dictionary somewhere! My mama's oversized dictionary sits right by the couch. I have loved them so, but must add that I tend to Google and spellcheck now.