Saturday, February 7, 2015


If time does not exist
when did this building rise to ten floors ?
 Did this store vacate overnight?
 Was this building ever occupied?
 Was this street corner suddenly a movie set?
If time doesn't exist, do my lists matter,
is the calendar relevant, and does Buddha know?
 Did the phone ring, and was the message true?
If Time doesn't exist, did Shiva ride a bull?
 Is poor-folks food real?
Is health food healthy?
 Will Calms be my forte',
and what did the snail mail guardian guard?
Has harry Potter learned to fly?
Time, which does not exist, stood still
at Broome Street Temple
 A mother bowed her head
 Her child gazed at me,
then headed to the music.
 Timeless chanting began,
 and the tabla kept time,
though time did not exist.
Julian Barbour explores the history of scientific thought on the concept of time and presents his own interpretations of what time is.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i have NO idea. No idea What It Is or Is Not
but there is this thing of this moment,
when i am breathing

Nancy said...

I love traveling along with you Michelle, in whatever 'time' it is.

deanna7trees said...

we are all 'victims' of an 'illusion' which allows us to enjoy life.

Mo Crow said...

beautiful thoughts well said

Anonymous said...

reads like a poem... thank you