Thursday, February 12, 2015


for weather possibilities
 Stocked up on food and a warm smile
from Trader Joe's Jessie
Armed with organics
to which I'll add ginger, then juice all.
Walked home pushing my four wheeled cart
past budding trees by Stuyvesant Park


"It's snowing still," said Eeyore gloomily. "So it is."
"And freezing." "Is it?" "Yes," said Eeyore. 
"However," he said, brightening up a little,
"we haven't had an earthquake lately."
Another dark night descends after another gray day,
leaving me to my imagination: My spirit horse is stabled,
while I retire under a well worn comforter, remembering
meetings with Shree Maa long ago in 'Ananda' land.
I listened to her sing Ramprasad, the 18th century mystic
from West Bengal, and slipped into contented sleep.

Sundown suggested a bit of a warming trend.

A bus trip across town took me to Zazen
with Angel Kyodo Williams
Listen to the talk
(my thoughts)
When we feel separate from others, only one question need be addressed:
Is it fear or love?  If fear, what we fear about the other is what we have rejected within ourselves. So, if we allow, acknowledge and accept all the parts of ourselves, even those we don't approve of, love becomes possible, change becomes possible, fear and separation from others dissolves.  That's the path of choosing consciousness,
and the reason for my practice.

Hooray!  The  Flavia de Luce Mystery,
"Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust"
by Alan Bradley, has arrived.
I have listened with delight to the entire series so far, and have been waiting for this new release.  Belying the Young adult label, the sophistication of the brilliant, young protagonist "knowledgeable about chemistry, especially poisons, and deeply and widely read in history, the arts and the classics of literature", her curiosity, intelligence and understanding, make these mysteries fair fare for any adult audience. I'm enthusiastically recommending them to absolutely everyone who will listen.
I also recommend these herbal teas,
My simplified approach to domestic chores:
I do most laundry by hand, a little every day
pre-soaking in plastic containers overnight,
then a wash and rinse or two,
and air dry.
Laundromats are expensive and a trudge down three flights.
I use them for really big stuff only a few times a year.

Preparing to send to friends
I added hearts to Will Barnet postcards 
and, for the envelopes,
these farmers-market stamps
With this message inside
"Love is real"
The same message I send to all of you,
no matter what the weather.



Mo Crow said...

what a beautiful letter from New York Michelle!

Nancy said...

Hello Michelle in NYC :) Beautiful pic of you! Stay warm.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

ShreeMaa is such a beautiful gift
this morning.
and all the rest, love, but most
your laundry drying so gently

Velma Bolyard said...

hope you are keeping well. it's so very cold up here, i wonder how you all are dealing with your share of this...

yvette said...

got lost in all this information consuming..
thanks thanks a lot