Thursday, March 26, 2015


Watch Television

Make Occasion Shrines
O'Buddha, O'Dharma, O'Sangha

Light Candles at Night

Welcome Daylight

Write Poem-like Things
Either/or, Neither/nor
Yes/no, Stop/go,
Hide/show, Stuck/flow,
Empty/full, Push/pull,
Day/night, Wrong/right,
Stasis/flight, Fear/love,
Love/hate, Chance/fate
Love, love, love, love.

Sit Zazen
Meditation with Zen Caregivers
On the main alter a Zen Cat commemorating
the loss of two beloved felines

View Art
Four Noble Truths by Tara Lobsang
March 13th-May 12th

Love Material Beings

Bake Quick Bread

Post and Read Others at Facebook

File Forms

Keep Journals
"I'm a full-time believer in writing habits, pedestrian as it all may sound. You may be able to do without them if you have genius but most of us only have talent and this is simply something that has to be assisted all the time by physical and mental habits or it dries up and blows away. I see it happen all the time. Of course you have to make your habits in this conform to what you can do. I write only about two hours every day because that's all the energy I have, but I don't let anything interfere with those two hours, at the same time and the same place. This doesn't mean I produce much out of the two hours. Sometimes I work for months and have to throw everything away, but I don't think any of that was time wasted. Something goes on that makes it easier when it does come well. And the fact is if you don't sit there every day, the day it would come well,
you won't be sitting there."
-Flannery O'connor-

Participate in Eagle Watch
Nest at Hanover Pennsylvania since Valentines day

Cast a Shadow


Peggy said...

This is rich, so good. Love love love love the things you do.

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

ha, this is really a lot of fun, I feel like a peeping Tom

Nancy said...

I especially like knowing that we do some of the same things!