Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Overwhelmed by words and images-
the Internet universe grounds me to itself.
I want to run away from urgent scrimmages,
from all the words, from all the images,
curl comfortably upon some verdant shelf
of sweet soft turf under an ancient oak perhaps,
stare into distances with not a hint of this is or that's
obscuring sky nor inward eye.


Mo Crow said...

this year everyone seems to be feeling the same way about the cyber sea, e-mail communications have dropped off to an occassional trickle & many of the favourite blogs are very quiet, we may have reached a collective saturation point!

Peggy said...

Beautifully said.

Velma Bolyard said...

yes. michelle this is exactly right. i am even feeling like washing floors, my hated chore, as antidote.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

you have two worlds...both vast....the one you walk in
the one you read
i don't know what that would be like...it's so simple here, really,
this end house on Encantada Rd....just fields around, no where really
to go...just OutSide....