Thursday, May 28, 2015


Friday May 22nd
Art Benefit and Reception
The Creative Center for Arts in Health Care
Lori Kent's Painting
 Robin Glaser
Our talented and dedicated Director
The Left Wall
Lower left corner my photograph of Gertrude Stein's Bench
"I am because my little dog knows me"
 (Central Park Zoo, New York City)
 I just liked this but didn't note the artists name, and
also liked the portrait you see half of
The Right Wall
Lower Right corner my water color and marker piece
"All the Little Fishies"
 Un-noted photographer sorry
"Pitcher and Street Scene"

Friday May 22nd through Sunday May 24th
I tuned in on and off to Live Stream with
Krishna Das and Friends

Saturday May 23rd
Neighborhood Thrifts
Bearing a big bag of Donations
Scored this $3 Shirt

 Sunday May 24th
Incident, Care Package, Garden Visit, Poetry Event
On The Front Steps an Elderly fellow, not drunk or stoned, just tired and a bit disoriented,  On their own two police from across the street made him move along.  As he left, wearily making his slow way, limping to Second Avenue, I found myself speculating  about him.  He seemed confused.  Alzheimer?  Perhaps he was lost and just wore himself out.
 The police should have asked him if he knew where he was, where he was going.
I wish I had.
Then the Care Package I was waiting for arrived
direct from my dear Massachusetts friends 
 Delivered via Jeremy Scanlon and Richard Loder
Here on a mission of mercy to retrieve important items
for another friend who is hospitalized and extremely ill.
 The bounty began with fragrant lily of the valley
fresh picked before dawn.
 Continued with home-made, home-grown Quince Jelly,
Basil Pesto and Massachusetts Maple Syrup
 White Cheddar Cheese and Quinoa Pasta
 Not Yogurt
A quart of Jennifer Scanlon's very special Chili
 Best Flax Crackers
 A loaf of Jeremy's hearty Oat/Spelt Bread and 
Jennifer's to-die-for Lemon Loaf Cake
Once the food was stored, I walked over to the garden
Ah, the Iris!
Late Afternoon

Headed downtown to the Metric Poetry Season Finale
Featured poets were Alicia Stallings from Greece, Sam Gwynn from Texas, Claudia Gary from Washington D.C and Janice Soderling from Sweden.  The house was packed and the reading super fine.  Shot just a few photographs:
David katz and John Marcus Powell
 Walter A.
Quincy Lehr, John Marcus Powell, and R. Nemo Hill,
with Sam Gwynn talking to someone out of frame.

Monday May 25th
East River Walk, Barbecue, and
more poetry

Past a beautiful stand of Little Leaf Lindens
at Peter Cooper
 Cove Park
Watched sea planes.
There was a warm breeze
There were Geese
Geese, ducks, warblers, pigeons, and people walking, bicycling,
sharing food, reading, writing, sunbathing, and sleeping
At home again
Across the street cops made food for other cops on duty, while a heckler challenged them--first just by his presence and stare. then talking loud on his cell phone to his Mother.  They ignored him.  He heated up, threw insults, demanded to be arrested, called them 'cowards', 'pussies', and much worse. Cops came and went in and out of the precinct as he persisted.  It went on for at least an hour at varying levels and they did nothing.  Finally he left.  Later I spoke with them, said I admired their restraint.  They know him.  He's a regular.

The teaching within the "Art of War" by Lau Tsu
is the skill of prevention.
At 7:30 I strolled down Irving place to Shades of Green Pub where the 'Saturn Series featured poets Babette Albin and Robert Kramer as well as open readers.  I read a new Poem.

Tuesday May 26th
Hot Day
Resting in shade on a wall by the church
Triple bloom

Wednesday May 27th
Sweet Neighbor's
Nineteenth Wedding Anniversary

Thursday May 28th
Dusk coming on and promised thunder storms still pending, sirens, the sound of pigeon wings landing on the window sill, chirping birds settling, muffled voices, door slams, foot steps on the stairs, church bell tolls seven times.


Mo Crow said...

love this look into your life in the Big Apple!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i remain concerned for the disoriented man