Friday, July 17, 2015


Spanning Morocco, Algeria and Tunesia, the Gnawa are a North African ethnic minority group that trace their origins to an area spanning modern day Senegal in the West, Chad in the East, Nigeria in the South and Mali in the North.
Gnawa also refers to the spiritual order,
and musical style of these people.
The primary instruments are the three stringed lute that goes by the names of guembri, sintir or hajhuj, the iron castenetts called  graqeb, and a drum called a ganga or tbel. Last night at the Atrium of Lincoln Center we attended a rousing free performance, first...
"InnoVe Gwana"
Followed by
"Gnawa Diffusion"
 Brilliant musicians
 Powerful vocals
The joint was jumpin'
Aging limbs forget their limitations when they dance.
My friend Michael danced too.
We had a Joyous time!

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