Saturday, July 11, 2015


 Imaginary Landscape
Piece of wood from the shed with Sharpie marks,
and colored beach glass glued on
Soaked in water from black rice
Embellished with more marker
and left for Hill house with notes on the back

Many Buddhas
(in a forest on a lake)
Wood chip used for dying fabric
Sharpie marks, rubbed for color
 More embellishments
 Final version
Turn-mountains appear
On the other side of the chip this eye
 With a later addition of red
Photographed on location
 Photographed at home

More Buddhas
Bits of beach glass from the shed and found tree bark
 Two single Buddhas
inscribed with Sharpie marker for lack of etching tool
 The notion of adding color to one
 Soaked overnight in water
the color seems to hold but will fade when rubbed
 Construction with Elmer's Glue
 Wedged into the bark
 Second layer of bark
 Gift to Julian
Three Buddhas
Local jeweler is Laser-drilling a hole
This one will be a wearable pendant


Mo Crow said...

love what the sea does to glass

yvette said...


Peggy said...

Amazing what you've made! I, too, have learned that a Sharpie is essential when traveling but in these parts a rock will have to do for a background -- beach glass sounds so wonderfully exotic.

Velma Bolyard said...