Friday, July 31, 2015


Gifts of embroidery
 from Julio's mom
 The neglected church garden still blooming Friday the 25th
Once electrical problems were repaired
I put the kitchen in order
 Construction in the neighborhood
Temperatures soar into the nineties
 He had the sweetest voice
Lexington Avenue #6 at 23rd Street
 Changed at grand central and arrived
at Lincoln Center Damrosch Park
 for free Judy Collins concert
 Someone filmed the last bit (not me) a little talk and sing along 
"Amazing Grace"
(rough footage but her voice is solid)
The outside color changed suddenly
Storm weather, but no rain, only flies
 This is my fly catcher
 Tuesday in the neighborhood
 Someone turned the stone Francis
dragged it off it's central place
(unsuccessful thieves)
 Weed trees growing in three street containers
Temperature hits high nineties-over 100 with heat index
"Every law not based on Wisdom is a menace to the State"
 "We must not use force unless just laws are defied"
 My friend Michael
 Appellate division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York
Design by James Brown Lord 1896
 Madison Square Park
Free Concert
 Happy despite the heat index
 With her daughter and grandchild
 He's proud of his plane
Energetic dance move
 The judge for the dance contest was the original 'cowboy'
The Village People
 barefoot dancing despite the heat
 The dance-off on stage
 One winner is picked
 by a process of elimination
Thursday I stayed home with air conditioning
Tonight is a blue moon Astronomically speaking
One more day to August


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i love most your dancing so Great that these
Wild times draw people to Move seeing this so much

Peggy said...

I loved reading this! The church garden endures and so do the Tree of Heaven weed trees, I think that's what yours are -- we have them here, too. How rich your week has been. Thanks for the Harpo Marx link on my blog -- he was a wonderful harpist, had forgotten where his name came from. xo

yvette said...

This is new york in my dreams...pop ups of unexpected movement..
Michelle, yesterday i got your post...neighbour back from vacation had it into it's post
I love love love it
The way you sent it the envellop the little bouddha on the seaglass
I love you!