Sunday, September 13, 2015

"WESSIEFOO" DAYS continued

 Asters announce Fall
 in lavender, pink and purple.
 Up the road apiece, a manicured wood plot.
 In the backwoods a pile of stone grows ivy,
 and beautiful poisonous berries bloom.
 A huge Hornet Colony has proliferated near the drive-way and will be moved to a safer place when it goes dormant in Winter.  Thoughts of Winter begin.
 A reminder for the speedy has been added to the dead end road.
Meanwhile, sheltered in spent violets,
this little one.
 Above all, weather wanders wondrously on.
"You are the sky. Everything else is simply the weather."
-Pema Chodron-

The last day of his sixteen years in sunlight.
He'd recently had a stroke that disabled his back legs, and immediately learned to drag himself where he wanted to go both indoors and out. For weeks he functioned well in every aspect.  He died in sleep, the kindest death.
The grave was dug, dried-flower lined, and he, lowered in, accompanied by "Sassy" who had died in Winter and been frozen. They were curled into each other together there, covered with more dried-flowers, earth and stones.