Friday, September 18, 2015


 The landscape of course,
and the light
Critters enjoying home comforts,
"Ity-Bert" on the move
"Baby Bert" on the hot tub
 "Sissy" and "Mona"
with "Betsy" in the shadows of the pink room
"Bruno" loves Roger
The humans infuse the space with labors of love and loyalty,
their generosity and tenderness illuminates every corner
 'She' at the plant table cracking Black Walnuts,
extracting their meat for another cookie batch
While over at the Gazebo,
'He' reads world news
pine needles are cradled in a spiders web
a high shelf waits, ready for Winter

Guest room with Buddha,
where i slept so well
Fox on a sill, remembering
the fox in the yard

There are succulents in the garden
 rosemary, mint and thyme
 and more apples for sauce
The memorial bench embedded in greenery, and
surrounded by phlox and foxglove
 Hydrangea in the bird feeder enclosure often twitters and chirps with sparrow, titmouse, blue jay, blackbird and cardinal conversation
 Here's native white aster
 Golden rod
Geraniums bloom all year
Paths to back woods
for following
 The pool at noon
One last leisure hammock swing

Then, farewell rabbits
New York City bound on an afternoon train



Mo Crow said...

I sometimes dream of living out in the countryside in some peaceful place growing a few vegetables and looking after the chooks but the cat and the man are city slickers and after nearly 30 years of living in this big crazy beautiful city so am I these days!

Nancy said...

Lovely, peaceful post Michelle. So glad you had this time away.

jude said...

beautiful sanctuary