Saturday, October 24, 2015


My friend, Jennifer Scanlon gave me her ticket for Jose Limon Dance Company's Friday performance at the Joyce!  She was lead dancer for twenty plus years, and the Company director is a high school friend + other friends will also attend
Three Classics were wonderfully performed
“Mazurkas” (1957), “The Moor’s Pavane” (1949)
and “Missa Brevis” (1958)
Emmy and Yassi
Bambi Anderson

New York launch of "Steep Tea" by Jee Leong Koh. at Book Culture Bookshop. The poet Cindy Arrieu-King travelled in from Philadelphia to read as well.  I ran into a travel snarl after taking the bus cross town only to find that the #1 was not running, so hopped on the #2, exited at 96th Street and waited for a bus to take me further North to a short three block walk.  Missed the reading but got a great welcoming hug, a copy of the Poems, and some delicious dim sum and wine
 I finished reading it once through before the night was done--a rich collection, and with such a wealth of referents, and novel forms, they gave me much to think about.  Gregory woods said "In 'Steep Tea' he responds to his readings of women poets from Eastern and Western traditions with his own very personal poems, a sheaf of work in varied forms, which convince on that reading is not just a hobby, or even an education, but an essential component of human alertness."

Missed out on John Marcus Powell's Reading because I was just plain fatigued and, having only recently recovered from the killer cold of October, could not face going out into the chilled afternoon.  But I had a visit with him Monday after my writing group, and we had a lovely time.  He read me one of his recent work "Prepositioned" which began "Once upon a time there was a Grandmother tortured by the imperfection of language...", and I read him my just written sort-of Ghost Story "Shiver"
Then we ate sandwiches and watched James Earl Jones,
Angela Lansbury and Boyd Gaines in "Driving Miss Daisy"

Transcribing stories, ordinary maintenance tasks, then roasting Almonds soaked overnight in light soy sauce, mixed with sage and cashews
Wilted spinach, Garden-burger,
Parmesan cheesy cauliflower

After Sitting
with New York Zen Center Compassionate Care
 at home with plans for a 
Rustic Apple Cake
Have Cinnamon, flour, baking soda, oil, salt,
eggs and Vanilla
 Recipe from Kevin Lee Jacobs

Spectacular Exhibit at Paul kasmin Gallery is the first major solo presentation of his sculptures in North America since 1993.  The chess set below is the wood original.
Most are made of bronze and stone
Examples spanning over 30 years of his work
Auntie Amy Ernst Ernst...Daddy Eric Ernst
The show runs through December 5th

Lovely lovely evening at Tibet House Gallery
Tiffany Gytso
Tibetan artist Sonam Lhamo (b. 1982) works primarily in oils to explore themes of existence, moments of inner consciousness, and emotional experience and awareness with dreamy forms in vivid colors. Her practice is informed by her Tibetan identity, deriving inspiration from nature and Buddhist imagery, tales and philosophy.  Ms. Lhamo grew up in the Kardze Kham province of Tibet, where she lived before escaping to India in 1993.  In 2007, the Tibet Museum in Dharamsala presented the first solo exhibition of Lhamo’s work. She has also exhibited at a number of international venues, including Maris De Lanrode in France (2007),  L’Atelier Galerie Bleu, Lille (2007); India Habitat Centre, Delhi (2008); La Main Qui Parle, Paris (2008); and the International Center, New York (2010). Her work was included in the 2011 group show Tibetan Contemporary Art: Tantric Vision in Modern Self-Expression at Tibet House US.

"Suspended World"


May you have a fine
Saturday and Sunday


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Wow, so glad you are feeling good again, Michelle, back doing all the things you love to do!