Friday, October 16, 2015


Street Scene
(after a friend's memorial)
(Uptown West)
Scene of a suicide
(seen walking home from meditation)
Same Site days Later
(Her name was 'Carmen'-she jumped!)
I plod along sans enthusiasm, with little bursts of energy if not ardor.  My rooms are dark almost all the time, curtained for the dubious privacy I tell myself is true, a protective shield against the writhing roiling world out there.
(Yippee, they've turned the heat on!)
CVS Sells Everything
(All night every night)
Local Bar Restaurant
(decorates with light for the holiday season)
And, so it goes, having been sick since early in October, I've been dragging myself through days and nights, sleeping more than is reasonable, putting drops in my new eye on schedule, rustling up some nutrition, watching movies, listening to radio, taking short trips to the post (1. renew my Verizon lifeline service yearly, 2. ask again for record of my last visit to the eye doctor for follow up exam since they sent me someone another clients in error), stopping at Housing Works thrift because the music always cheers me and finding a CD to bring home, emails, face book excursions, reading blogs, and general maintenance.  A rigorous schedule don't you think? Ha

(Only eight days left for eye drops!)
Elvis Blurred in Repetition
(stamps under glass at the post office)
Housing Works Thrift
($1 purchase)
(they're ready for Halloween)
Autumn on East 21st Street
(controlled in cement wells)
News media Waiting on my Stoop
(drive-by shooter suspect in custody at the precinct)
Democratic debates live on the Internet
(Good points but more like speed dating than debating)
East 20th Street
(another property for sale)
 New on my Building Entrance door
(which is always broken)
So, with all this death, suicide, murder and the non-stop of construction, plus new neighbors every few months so I don't even bother to learn the names any more, I need a pick me up!

(last track on "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisters")


Mo Crow said...

be well!

Velma Bolyard said...

hey, get better. just checking in to say hey! and sending a little love your way.

yvette said...

here's a big hug!
your a treasure of information on facebook
bummer you feel sick
send healing thoughts!