Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I rested here awhile after the second cataract procedure
 Then home for the month long drops regimen,
but I could see within a day
I'm reading again!  An old favorite

Ventured out to the book launch of poet friends
 Saw the moon through buildings on the way home
 On the night of the full lunar eclipse I was with the
Amateur Astronomers of New York up on the High line
 It was awesome
I made a melange of raw kale, apple, carrot, and cashew
 Then, the temperature dropped and the rain began.
I packed for my planned week away on long Island.  But, in the morning I woke up blighted hard by a nasty cold
Remedies of choice + sleep and soup
Kept hoping it would let go
It rained and rained + no heat
 A trip to the market for supplies during a break in the weather
Noted wild grass growing beautifully
I lifted my head from the sick bed imagining sunlight
 New addition of an old remedy from Ananda days.
Mix with honey-take teaspoons every hour or so.
 The rain departed and skies got blue
but I'm still ill and never got away
 Consulting turtles
 Reading blogs, emails and Face book
Changed my cover shot
 Ventured out for a meditation and encountered the birthday party
for one of the monks at Zen Center for Contemplative care
 (that's Koshin's name on a delicious cake)
 A night time walk around Gramarcy Park
Crickets and cicadas still singing
"Get well-Get well-Get well Michelle"
Back to bed
Perhaps tomorrow...


Mo Crow said...

you can read again!!!!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this slow day to day progression of a Life, i love so much
it informs my own plain day to day, saying's Ok, the small and plain Just Going