Friday, January 15, 2016


We set the date early in January
Back Story 
(somewhat tedious but bear with me)
I have a land line and 'stupid' cell phone which is only on when I'm going to use it (sparingly because I just put money on it now and then by purchasing a card with a code I can activate).  It has no photo ability, so I carry my camera.  She has a smart phone that has no message function set up, but does take photos, plus she has no land line.  The early morning hour made me not want to make, or receive a call on my own land line due to the fact that the rehabilitated apartments below and next door have had the insulation taken out and I can hear every word from them even when they talk at a normal volume (which, by the way, they seldom do), and because between 5 and 6 AM they are still sleeping and would hear every word.  I decided to go out into the streets and search for a quiet place to sit down to make the call from my cell, emailed her at 4:30 with that information from my desk top, washed, dressed, turned the computer off and hit the deserted pre-dawn streets at 5:30 precisely.

The Quest
First, I tried the nearest all night spot but it was too noisy with piped in offensive music and clattering plates.  Still I did make one call only to get the "No Messages" recording.
 Next, I walked East to the 24 hour CVS which was completely deserted but for one employee stacking shelves.  Tucking myself into an aisle near the front, I made the call again.  Same message and no missed return messages.  The worker appeared and eyed me suspiciously.   I said 'just needed to call a friend' and left.
 Across the street the 7/11 (an alien venue to me) had no seats, and no where to hide away, but I made a call just outside.  No answer and no missed message.
 Crossing 1st Avenue to Starbucks (another venue I've never previously entered), I found it nearly empty but for one man absorbed in his lap top, plenty of room, and no music.
 I got coffee and a cheap egg sandwich that looked like rubber food, settled into a table and made another call.  No answer and no missed messages. 
 I ate the rubber sandwich, wrapped myself back into my coat, took my coffee and walked toward home, stopping at a public bench to take this selfie of me sipping coffee through a straw, and tried the number one last time to no avail. 
 A few doors from home,
I found this little lamp discarded.
 Climbed back up the three flights,
flung off the coat and hat and set it up.
It works!
Next, I turned the desktop on, signed in, downloaded my photographs, and checked my email.  It was now 6:50AM.
At 5:52 (after I'd left the house) my friend had written:

 ...and, so  it goes.

 Turns out I should have written the date for the 16th because she had already informed me that Wednesdays and Fridays were no good due to yoga, and she's not good for chatting evenings, but I asked her to phone me after yoga anyway.  Important friendships are worth every effort seems to me. Now for a brief nap.


Saskia van Herwaarden said...

fantastic tale, and yes, worth the effort

Nancy said...

What a good friend you are to put out all of that effort! And I agree, well worth it :) Great lamp find!