Friday, January 22, 2016


Wolf Birthday Greeting
"Nature and wisdom always say the same thing"
from far away friends, Mellisa and Roger
More gifts from the dear old neighbors!
(partially eaten immediately upon receipt)
Friend Wendy and I went to the Cinema
(haven't been for a long time)
See It! 
A fabulous Fairy Tale
AMC 1-2-3 Has Recliners
(It occurred to me it could be a lovely sleepover spot)
A home-made Card in which Wendy thanks me for being at her birthday party in December
 Plus two practical gifts from her:
Earplugs and a Mask
(because of my noisy neighbors and light from the street)

My dear Massachusetts friends will help pay my way to visit up North February!
More and more Gratitude


Marti said...

Happy belated birthday Michelle. My husband Rich was also 73 on Jan. 12th.

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

happy birthday, a day late i see, nonetheless heartfelt; looks like you had fun!

yvette said...

Happy happy happy birthday ( also too late )