Saturday, January 23, 2016


10:00 AM
Out the front window looking down
Our hard-working Super in red gloves who's been shoveling non stop since 8AM
 Looking up
 Looking down again
Dog and walker
 Looking out the back alley window
 Through the little window in my living room
Snow is general over the East coast and the wind is high.
Spent time over on Face book viewing friends pictures from New Jersey, Riverdale, Upstate New York and Long Island, also checked the Massachusetts paper I get and saw a dozen shots of the region buried in snow. I planned to go out and get a late afternoon shot around Gramercy Park, but found I could not bring myself to suit up.  Meanwhile I watched Dame Maggie Smith in a 1972 production of "The Millionairess" by G.B.Shaw
11 parts in automatic succession


Mo Crow said...

love seeing your world wrapped in white!

jude said...

twas an amazingly beautiful storm